How spoiling dogs brought children hot meals and women jobs.

Paddy, Harry, Tom, and Sam Holland. (Image from

Everyone’s favorite friendly neighborhood Spider-Man, Tom Holland, started a unique trust with his family. The Holland family created the Brothers Trust to support charities who struggle to be heard. Not only is the premise different, but the trust is family orientated. Brothers Trust was set up by Nikki and Dominic Holland, parents of the “brothers”: Tom, Harry, Sam and Paddy. Although Tom is the focal point, everyone in the family is involved. This is evident through their fundraising videos and social media campaigns. Tom may be the focal point, but his family is also gets recognition for their work. For example, Nikki Holland, takes all the photos for the site. And, Harry Holland, directed a short documentary showing the positive changes they are creating in Kibera, Nairobi. Armed with dedicated volunteers and their close friends, the Holland family is determined to run several events each year to raise awareness for smaller charities. The funds raised will then be granted to charities they support. (Let me tell you all, I am here for all of this! I’m huge a fan.)

Brothers Trust mission is twofold: first, they intend to shine a light on charities whose voices are drowned out by noisy and competitive non-profit sectors; second, they intend to maximize those charities efforts by using our generous donations. The Brothers Trust does not interfere with the structure of the charities they support. Rather, they act as an ally by helping them raise funds and spread awareness.

Tess Holland modeling her collar. (Image from

Their latest project was called the Dogs Club. The Holland family sold Kenyan Dog Collars, which their dog, Tess Holland, modeled. (Even their dog has a role. Honestly, that’s goals. While Tess is raising money for women and children, my dog, Sheru, is jumping on me then farting on me. Granted, I do the same to him, but still…Sheru should also do his part for our social justice causes. ) The first batch of collars sold out within the first few hours. Each collar sold employs Masai ladies in Nairobi and provides at least 50 hot dinners for children in Kibera through the Lunchbowl Network. You can see all the dogs modeling the dog collars on the Brothers Trust’s Dog Club Instagram page.

The Lunchbowl Network.

Image from

Set up in 2006, the Lunchbowl Network was created in response to the plight of the orphaned and vulnerable children living in Kibera. These children endure harsh realities of living in Kibera, which include: lack of access to clean water, very poor sanitation compound and inadequate access to education. All of these severely disadvantage the children in Kibera.

Sheru Srivastava proudly modeling his collar!

The Lunchbowl Network understands the importance of education.  By providing transportation, extra-circular activities and hot-meals, the network invests in the children’s’ future. I’ve always said that knowledge is power. And, one way to obtain knowledge is through education. Schools provide children with the opportunity to not only learn but also a sanctuary where they discover who they want to become. Schools give children an environment where they can thrive and learn more about the world. Schools can inspire children to become advocates who fight for change or inspire them to be famous actors, entertainers, artists, and sports-ball players. (See, I understand sports.) Regardless of whatever their dreams are, schools provide children with a platform to achieve those dreams. And, the Lunchbowl Network recognizes the importance of education. With the knowledge obtained in school, these children from Kibera can become the change they want to see in this world.

On the Spider-Man Far From Home bonus features, you can watch a short documentary directed by Harry Holland showcasing his trip to Kibera. The video features all the Holland brothers, and the impact their fans’ donations had on Kibera. When collaborating with the Lunchbowl Network, Brothers Trust used the money donated to provide school buses for the children in Kibera to get to school. Harry’s documentary makes you a fly on the wall in the homes of children. You can feel their struggle and see the hopelessness in their eyes. However, while in school, you can feel the children’s enthusiasm and excitement. The children are laughing, playing, and enjoying life. The light in their eyes will make you smile with joy. The children are overjoyed to be in an environment that provides them with hot meals and opportunities to grow. (Yes, I cried after watching this. It reminded me why I decided to dedicate my career to helping indigent people. Harry will be a fantastic filmmaker one day.)

Why I Support the Brothers Trust.

As stated above, Brothers Trust is a truly unique trust. I’ve been donating to their trust for some time now, and I can see the impact my donation has on the charities they help. The Holland family understands how one small act of kindness has a ripple effect in one community. By helping smaller charities, the Holland family is devoting their time to creating meaningful change. Brothers Trust demonstrates that people inherently want to help others. Put simply, helping others in need is human nature. However, our own needs can prevent us from helping others. The Holland family created a great trust, inspired people, and showed me that a small act of kindness can go a long way. And the people they help inspired me to look past my privilege and give back.

The work by Lunchbowl Network and Brothers Trust inspire me to create change, and I hope they will inspire you all as well.  To my followers, please check out these organizations.

The Holland Family. (Image from

Click here to learn how to donate to Brothers Trust.

Click here to learn how to sponsor a child through the Lunchbowl Network.

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a passionate feminist and social justice warrior who occasionally calls herself a goddess. She received her JD in 2019 and became licensed to practice law in 2020.

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