I am done supporting your badness.  

From your treatment to women and other minorities to your overly sensitive beings, I am disappointed in you. For years I used you as my solace; a place where I could hide from the sad reality of my anxious life. I spent hours on you, but I can no more. All I see is the death of creative minds and the crushing of souls. You let the Indian media further your agendas rather than focus on bringing the audience good content or the escape they desperately crave.

Because you’re in the movies, you get to decide people’s fates? Where does it say that those in the Hindi Film Industry are the most powerful? Where does it say that you get to dictate who lives and who achieves success? Where does it say that you must keep the industry a tight-knit almost insect filled community?

Yes, I went there – I am mentioning your favorite word: nepotism. I understand the nurturing and caring of your own. Everyone wants to protect their own or those they care about. You want to shield from struggling (and learning from that struggle) because it’s easier for you and them. But, when it gets to the point of destroying “outsider talent,” I cannot support you. Of course, nepotism is everywhere. However, when you’re in the public eye, your nepotistic ways become a real-world example of its harmful effects in every industry. So, stop acting like it’s only specific to you. Also, I am not saying all actors who benefitted from nepotism are terrible actors. All I am saying is that they’re very, very privileged.

Those in the industry staying quiet or playing the influential’s games to maybe star in one of their movies, is it worth it? Is staying out of the narrative hurting more people than helping your career? I am sad that Sushant Singh Rajput isn’t with us anymore. After re-binging all of his movies, I found myself even sadder because we won’t see more him (and his abs, fucking love those abs). After hearing how Kangana Ranaut is treated and seeing the constant villainization of her speaking out against injustices, I felt betrayed. What does she have to gain from jeopardizing her career? Why must you villainize her? What are you saying to young women who stand up for themselves? That they’re bad for doing so…? Or, better yet, they’re divas?

Sushant and Kangana (Image from EasternEye.biz)

Will I stop watching Hindi movies? Of course not. But, I will be more mindful of whose films I watch. I will not give in to your clickbait or misleading films. Moreover, I am done with you on social media. I hate watching you make someone’s death about you and what you’ve learned. Celebrate the person’s career and being, not yourself. Pay respects to the family, not make every social media post about you. (I must say that Kananga bringing light to the factors surrounding Sushant’s death is not furthering her agenda. Rather, she’s using it to make a point of the corruption that Sushant and herself had witnessed first hand, and how it contributed to his depression.)

You lost a devoted fan. A fan who knew directors, producers, and writers like the back of her hand. A fan who followed good content and recommended it to people who’ve never seen a Hindi movie. Why do I care so much? Because I made a personal relationship with you. Ever since I was a kid, I needed you. I danced to the music you gave me, I bonded with my mom over you, and I craved more movies from you. However, you treat people terribly. Why should I support that? What you gave me doesn’t absolve you of all your bad deeds.

The more I take a step back and analyze you, the more I realize you’re here to play a zero-sum game. A game, I don’t play. Instead of focusing on the collective need, you choose to focus on yourself. I already get that from my government – I don’t need it from you.  

Dear Hindi Film Industry fans, don’t Tweet or comment nasty things on those you don’t like. Just unfollow them and choose not to support them. Don’t stoop down to their level of pettiness by using insults or threats. Be better than that. The more you “victimize” them, the more they will continue to justify their bad behavior. And, quite frankly, I am done supporting their bad behavior.

Therefore, Hindi Film Industry, I am done supporting your badness.


A very upset fan who had to take an hour out of her day to write this – Nikita.

Fuck 2020!

Published by Nikita Srivastava

a passionate feminist and social justice warrior who occasionally calls herself a goddess. She received her JD in 2019 and became licensed to practice law in 2020.

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