Now that I’ve had time to reflect.

Let’s not call them protestors. Let’s not call them pro-Trump supporters. Let’s call them what they really are: domestic terrorists.

Domestic terrorists who support President Donald Trump

We saw this coming. We all knew Donald Trump was capable of bringing his supporters together in violent ways. I’m angry at everyone who voted for Trump. Yes, everyone. I don’t want to hear their excuses or reasons. I’ve heard all of their defenses for voting for Trump. I now those voters don’t believe they’re bad people. If they’re good people, then they would take a step back to understand why we urged them not to vote for Trump. (Don’t say the economy. Look into the GOP’s economic policies closely to see if they actually benefit you.)

They heard Trump’s rhetoric: his racism, sexism, homophobia, transphobia, xenophobia, etc. But, they still voted for him regardless if they felt that way. Their silence gave us violence. It showed compliancy with bad behavior. They’re compliancy hurt me. But, more importantly, it hurt this country.

Now, let’s call the attackers what they truly are: ignorant victims. People who feel forgotten to the point where they must lash out. They must be violent toward innocent people, then demolish our government. Media outlets brainwashed them; their education system said only white matters, their leaders played off their fears; and, their own actions never allowed for reflection. And, their insecurities only strengthened their rage.

I’m mad at law enforcement authorities for not taking these threats more seriously. This attack was planned in plain sight but white privilege didn’t let you see it. Rather, it didn’t let you stop it. Now, all of us live in fear that we will be attacked for simply voting.

Recently, I heard many people say, “[the terrorist attack] was the worst that could happen, now we can heal.” However, I disagree. this statement ignores the larger issues. Look at how the FBI has handled the investigation of the attack. Look at how many people weren’t arrested that day. Look at how many Republican leaders are NOW speaking out against Trump. It took a terrorist attack to get them to think, “huh, maybe I shouldn’t support Donald Trump solely because he’s a Republican.”

The Capitol Attack was only the beginning of full scale white terrorism.

My Call For Action.

To all my liberal white friends, you need to be better. Sorry, not sorry. You created cancel culture so you could push your fellow white folks away because they weren’t as “woke” as you. Your job as an ally is to educate your community. And, quite frankly, I don’t give a damn on hard that is for you. When in white spaces, people of color and people of the LGBTQAI+ community deal with that hardship everyday. We don’t get the luxury to escape a difficult conversation about our race and/or sexuality. We simply don’t have that privilege. Instead, we have to sit there quietly through every discussion about our identity or accept very microaggression that comes our way to “maintain the peace.” If we try to explain why something is racist, homophobic, or transphobic, we are met with the devil’s advocate because we triggered them. We are immediately invalidated and told to put white people’s feelings before our own.

“Don’t see where we are coming from?” Or, “I didn’t intended it like that, you shouldn’t have perceived it that way.”

Liberal whites, talk with your parents about the issue of racism and the discrimination of others. Your whole identity does not get attacked when this happens. This allows you extend olive branches. You can explain to them gently what it means to be support us. Don’t call those who oppose you morons or idiots. Instead, give them space to ask questions that might be offensive. Explain to them why it’s offensive, then let them absorb the info. You must give them a chance. Simply put, have the difficult discussions more often at the dinner table or at family reunions. But, don’t get offended when they don’t immediately see the light. Let them have time a moment. This is true allyship.

Don’t brush them off or ignore them, because their silence is literally killing democracy. Step up! If you truly support us, then you can do this for us.

Brace Yourself.

The next four years of Biden’s Presidency will be the hardest four years in our history. We have to prepare for the worst behavior coming out of people. Moreover, we need to prepare for the hostile, possibly violent, reactions to the right changes being implemented.

Once, I wrote that I was constantly exhausted because I am a woman of color in a predominately white man field. Now, I must confession, that I am also fucking terrified all the time. From walking my dogs to entering the courtroom, I fear the worst: someone will attack me or saying something to invalidate my entire identity. And, I have to act as though it was my decision to be a minority. I must sit there quietly and take it.

Four years of Trump’s Presidency showed that we must be involved. No more hiding under rocks or relying on one source for information; Instead, educate yourself and others by researching candidates and issues. Participate in your local government. I know this seems like more work, but it’s work worth doing. At this point, no one can do this work for you. Step up for yourself and your country.

Don’t resort to violence. Stay safe everyone.

Published by Nikita Srivastava

a passionate feminist and social justice warrior who occasionally calls herself a goddess. She received her JD in 2019 and became licensed to practice law in 2020.

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