The Brothers Trust’s Dog Club and the Lunchbowl Network

How spoiling dogs brought children hot meals and women jobs.

Paddy, Harry, Tom, and Sam Holland. (Image from

Everyone’s favorite friendly neighborhood Spider-Man, Tom Holland, started a unique trust with his family. The Holland family created the Brothers Trust to support charities who struggle to be heard. Not only is the premise different, but the trust is family orientated. Brothers Trust was set up by Nikki and Dominic Holland, parents of the “brothers”: Tom, Harry, Sam and Paddy. Although Tom is the focal point, everyone in the family is involved. This is evident through their fundraising videos and social media campaigns. Tom may be the focal point, but his family is also gets recognition for their work. For example, Nikki Holland, takes all the photos for the site. And, Harry Holland, directed a short documentary showing the positive changes they are creating in Kibera, Nairobi. Armed with dedicated volunteers and their close friends, the Holland family is determined to run several events each year to raise awareness for smaller charities. The funds raised will then be granted to charities they support. (Let me tell you all, I am here for all of this! I’m huge a fan.)

Brothers Trust mission is twofold: first, they intend to shine a light on charities whose voices are drowned out by noisy and competitive non-profit sectors; second, they intend to maximize those charities efforts by using our generous donations. The Brothers Trust does not interfere with the structure of the charities they support. Rather, they act as an ally by helping them raise funds and spread awareness.

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The Joys of Failing

Yes, I might be the first person who found the joys of failing. But, how else I am going to cope?

As someone who inspires, I must be open and honest about my journey. I am known for oversharing in times where I should keep my mouth shut. (And, this might be one of those times.) I took the July 2019 Bar Exam and failed.

Yes, your favorite overconfident Indian woman failed the Bar Exam. Of course, I was crushed. I wept for hours on the kitchen floor of my sister’s apartment. How could all my hard-work not pay off? Did I burn out? Did I not study correctly? Did I get lazy? All of these questions are not important right now. The only important one: Will I pass the second time? And, to be frank, I don’t know…

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To All My Friends Applying for Public Defender Jobs

(Image from Pinterest)

First, I love you all. You’re passionate and zealous advocates who see the humanity in the people you want to represent. That is why you’re born to be a public defender. You’re all really nervous and stressed about the application process because the job market is competitive. Also, you’re stressed because you want to become a public defender. However, I am not worried about any of you!

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A Little Late With A Bisexual Woman of Color

Lilly Singh’s late show is a triumph! She’s knocking down all doors and breaking all the glass ceilings!

Lilly Singh (Image from

Bestselling author and YouTube star, Lilly Singh, first episode of A Little Late with Lilly Singh took the world by storm on September 16. Lilly started her late-night NBC show by rapping about how her show will be unlike other late-night shows. Since her melanin differs from most late-night show hosts, Lilly wants her show to reflect her individuality. Instead of the usual grey and navy blue suits that her male counterparts wear, Lilly will wear colorful outfits. She’ll add the much needed female perspective to late-night television. Lilly won’t be stereotyped nor molded into someone she’s not – Lilly will continue to channel her online persona: Superwoman. Lilly’s work environment reflected what people want to see in their place of employment today. For example, more than 50% of Lilly’s writers are women and people of color. As stated in her rap, Lilly hired minorities because she could, not because she had to. She promised that men will also have paternal leave like women had maternal leave. She promised a place where working parents can nurse their children. And, she promised equal pay for all her employees. Lilly made it clear to the world that she will be the change that she wants to see in this world.

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Cherry: Book Review – and Movie Predictions

A delightfully dark read and a must read for all social justice advocates.

Raw. Profane. Straight from a dark heart.

Sheru Srivastava cutely holding my copy of Cherry.

These are only a few ways the back of the book describes Nico Walker’s debut novel, soon to be turned into a major motion that will grace our screens.

If you’re looking for a tragic love story, then this book is not for you. If you’re looking for social commentary about the opioid epidemic in Ohio, then this book is not for you. If you’re looking for a story about redemption, then this book is not for you. Cherry is not about redeeming the protagonist, or even an in-depth analysis on his drug addiction. Instead, this book is about the main character aimlessly going through life.

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Welcome to the Nikita Initiative

Me, Nikita Srivastava, wearing the Central Park Exonerated5 Shirt.

Hello Internet,

My name is Nikita Srivastava. I am an Indian woman who carries herself with the confidence of a heterosexual white male. Now, I don’t intentionally act like a white man. It kinda just happened. Apparently, if a woman demonstrates confidence in her abilities, intellect and strives for success, then she is acting like a white man. (Sorry, not sorry)

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